Founder and the Owner of Rescu-Life Africa, Chris Jacka started his career in emergency services
26 years ago, and at the time worked in all 3 emergency service fields: Rescue, Fire and Medical.
He obtained the highest qualifications in each of these fields. He has dedicated his life to the uplifting of standards in emergency services in South Africa.After 20 years of working through the ranks in the emergency service, he now wants to give new comers to this field the knowledge and experience he gained.

Our  Motto:

“Emergency Services is not just a job, it’s a calling, nothing gives one greater satisfaction than to say,

I saved a life today!"


Our  Mission:

1.       To ensure that all learners trained at this college meet or exceed the minimum standards expected by the accreditation issued. (We are all only too aware that there are many medically accredited colleges training thousands of BAA’s per month, however stopping just there.)


2.       To avoid adding to the problem, our goal is to upgrade our countries’ emergency services to at least an intermediate level in all three emergency fields – Fire, Rescue and Medical. (95% of Emergency calls responded to, require intermediate qualified personnel.)


3.       To eventually implement a one and two year SAQA accredited learner ship that will enable us to meet this goal.